How is this site unique?

This site is indebted to the "voices" of women and men whose lives have been imprisoned by anorexia/ bulimia/compulsive eating and problematic substance use.  Their wisdom fills this site and informs and assists others in finding new ways to find freedom from these problems.

This site is unique as it is made up of insider's ideas (insiders refers to people who have experienced and have first hand knowledge and experience with how the problems work in their lives).  Therapeutic conversations are shared in these pages in the hope of sparking ideas and hope for how one might begin to free oneself from these problems. For example, in the exert below Ida offers her thoughts on the connections between disordered eating and problematic substance use.

Ida: Noticing Connections

Q: One of the things you’d mentioned earlier was that you’d always thought that substance misuse and disordered eating were connected.  What was it that you noticed that had you thinking they were connected?

A: I was aware that there was the same like obsessive feeling.  That there was this feeling of just being consumed by something that wasn’t part of regular life. Like participating in the larger community life, and family life.  With the eating disorder it was just really individualized and self-indulgent.  And everything centered on that one thing, and I knew that was really similar to drug use. 

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