Why did we start this site?

This site was started in order to inspire resistance to anorexia/bulimia, and substance misuse.  This site will allow person's struggling with the problems of anorexia/bulimia and substance misuse to post and read other 'insider's' ideas for ways to find freedom from these problems. 'Insiders' refers to persons who based on their lived experience with the problem possess specific skills, abilities and knowledge that 'outsiders' typically do not possess.

The site is based on the idea that person's seeking treatment for anorexia/bulimia and substance misuse have the knowledge and skills required to disentangle themselves from the lies of these problems.  This site seeks to undermine practices that do not privilege insider's voices in therapy as we  believe that insider's knowings regarding the  ways to find freedom from these problems are important and have much to teach us.