Reclaiming ones' life from anorexia/bulimia and substance misuse is no small task.  This section describes the ways in which people have begun to take an anti-anorexic/anti-substance misusing  stance in their lives and  the ways they began to develop some space between themselves and the problems. In our co-research conversations we found that young women described different ways to get some space from the problems, but some of the recurring themes were that they ‘got fed up’ or ‘tired’ of the impact these problems were having in and on their lives. They described a sort of space developing between themselves and the problems, which enabled them to see the promises of disordered eating practices and substance misuse for what they are.  Some young women described beginning to see that the ‘costs’ of the promises no longer outweighed the ‘benefits’ of disordered eating practices or substance misuse.  Slowly the young women see through the problems’ lies and question the promises that they offered them.  In regards to the promises, Savannah says she now knows “that they are a bunch of bullshit, and that they [disordered eating practices and substance misuse] keep you stuck in one place.”