Questioning A&D and A/B

Beginning to Question Disordered

Eating & Substance Misuse

  • What did the problems need to take advantage of or convince you of in order to become apart of your life in the way that they did?
  • Did the problems sneak into your life or immediately highjack it? Why do you think they operated in this way?
  • Did you find that your life began to revolve around the problem? How did this occur? At what point did you notice that this was occurring? What did you make of this development? Were there things that got in the way of you noticing this sooner? What difference might it have made if you had noticed it sooner?
  • Were there certain qualities that alcohol and drugs and disordered eating practices had to get you to forget in order to take over your life the way that they did?
  • How did they get you to believe those things? What was the impact of this?
  • Were there certain things that the problems required of you?
  • If you had known what the problems were going to ask of you, would you have been okay with this? Why or why not?